All of the Centre´s research teams are represented in the Scientific Committee, its function is to support in the design and follow-up of the centre´s strategy and activity lines

Soledad García Gil

Basin Analyses

Franciso Ramil Blanco

Environmental Biology

José Manuel García Estévez

Biotechnology and Quality in Agro-Food Industries and Environment

Alberto Velando Rodríguez

Animal Ecology Group

Celia Olabarria

Coastal Ecology

Mª Teresa de Castro Rodríguez


Gabriel Rosón Porto

Group of Physical Oceanography

Jose Luis Soengas

Fish physiology and its application to aquaculture

Emilio M. Fernández Suárez

Biological Oceanography

Miguel Ángel Nombela Castaño

Geological Oceanography and Biogeochemistry

José Carlos Bendicho Hernández

Environmental Analytical Chemistry & Spectroscopy

Fuencisla San Juan Serrano

Reproduction of Bivalve Molluscs: Metabolism, Pathologies, Detoxification.

Armando Caballero Rúa

Population Genetics and Cytogenetics

Daniel Rey García

Marine & Environmental Geology