Our position as the main element of the marine strategy of the University of Vigo and as the Universit’s main marine knowledge generator makes us a key technology transfer agent towards marine and maritime productive sectors and society. It  also allows us to feed the Universit’s marine academic programs, to establish relations with other centers and research units focused on other knowledge areas, and to represent the University in regional, national and international marine initiatives, like the International Excellence Campus of the Sea (Campus do Mar), the European network Marine Board and the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC).

The Center’s main governance element is the Steering Committee, which elaborates the Center´s strategy supported by three consultive bodies: the Scientific Committee, with representation of all of the Center´s research groups and individual researchers, the External Advisory Board, represented by internationally recognized professionals  on the  generation of knowledge, transfer and RRI activities in the marine and maritime sectors. This committee is additionally in charge of the evaluation of the adequacy and implementation of our strategy. Finally, the Equality and Sustainability Committee aims to ensure ethical commitment in line with the SDGs and to promote equal opportunity policies within the framework of HRS4R.

The implementation of the Center’s strategy is carried out by a Technical Unit with three sub-units (Research and Innovation, Communication and Promotion of ocean literacy and Marine Research Infrastructures) under the coordination of the Steering Committee and the supervision of the Governing Council.