UVIGO Marine Research Centre (CIM-UVIGO) is the core element of the University´s marine strategy, and it constitutes an interdisciplinary reference pole at the local, national and international levels in the generation and transfer of marine knowledge.

The Marine Research Centre (CIM) of the University of Vigo is one of the eight centers that constitute the CIGUS Network, which integrates those centers whose research quality and impact have been accredited by the Xunta de Galicia. Our aim is to become an european reference and a leading institution in Marine Research in the Galicia-Northern Portugal EuroRegion. Our mission is focused on the generation of knowledge of excellence in marine sciences, the effective transfer of this knowledge for the benefit of society, and in the internacionalization of UVigo´s marine research activities.

Our large critical research mass and our organizational model make possible a stronger international projection of our University, visualizing under a unique brand all the capacity of marine knowledge generation, and acting as a single University access point in the process of knowledge transfer to the marine and maritime productive sectors, which makes us a talent atraction pole on an international scale.

The Toralla Marine Science Station is the main research infrastructure of the CIM. Our Centre is integrated by 15 research teams, a group of more than 200 people working towards a common goal. The building has state-of-the-art facilities for research on aquaculture, the effects of climate change on the marine environment and the development of new marine biotechnological solutions.









At the CIM we have the necessary capabilities and research infrastructures to address large-scale marine studies using multi-focal approaches to tackle the complex problems facing our seas. The CIM is an international reference in areas such as ocean observation and global change, marine ecotoxicology, sustainable exploitation of marine resources or integrated coastal zone management.

The University of Vigo and the Sea

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The statutes of the University of Vigo include among the objectives of the University to achieve the highest levels of research quality and to devote special attention to the study of Galician culture and the natural environment through specific research programs that respond to the challenges of Galicia, promoting research as a means for the scientific and cultural development of society.

Vigo and Galicia have always been linked to the sea. The sea has always been a source of wealth and new challenges, the sea is engraved in our social identity and activities related to the sea have always been engines of our economy. In this context, the link between the University of Vigo and the sea is indisputable, the institution is an international benchmark in marine research and training and leads the Campus of International Excellence in Marine Sciences and Technologies.