The CIM prioritises the attraction and retention of research talent through a strategy that facilitates the professional development of the centre’s scientific and technical staff, by providing continuous and specialised training adapted to current needs and demands. This contributes to maintaining and improving our capacity for research, transfer, and impact on society.

The talent management of the CIM is based on the HR Excellence in Research Award and the HRS4R Seal of Excellence obtained by UVigo, which represent our commitment to continuous improvement, aligning our human resources strategies and policies with the principles of the European Charter for Research Staff and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Research Staff (C&C).

The centre follows two main ways to recruit and retain talent: through its own resources and through national competitive external calls such as R&C and JdC or European ones such as ERC or MSCA, combined with its own calls for external researchers with international recognition.

At the CIM, talent is our most valuable asset.

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