Field work in a sandy beach

CIM´s research staff carry out their research activity along the Centre´s five strategic research lines, we have close to 122 staff-researchers and 74 training-researchers supported by 38 technical and management staff.

Animal ecology (GEA)

Biological oceanography (OB)

Biotechnology and Quality in Agro-Food Industries and Environment (ByCIAMA)

Bivalve mollusc reproduction (CM1)

Coastal ecology (EZ1-EcoCost)

Environmental biology (BA2)

Environmental analytical chemistry and toxicology (QA2)

Environmental Physics Lab EPHYSLAB (FA9)

Fish physiology (FB2)

Future Oceans Lab (FOL)

Geological oceanography and biogeochemistry (XM1)

Marine and environmental geology (Geoma-XM2)

Physical oceanography (GOFUVI)

Populations genetics and cytogenetics (XB2)

Sedimentary basin analysis (XM3)

Individual researchers