Teaching society what we do, how we do it and why we do it is one of the biggest challenges we have. We want to share our passion and respect for our seas and oceans, contributing to their knowledge, care and protection.

Persoas asistentes a unha das edicións de "Xornadas de portas abertas" no noso Centro

Year after year the Centre and all the staff work in a lot of projects. Our activity and research produce results of interest for the whole society. We try to make a greater effort each day to disseminate the studies we carry out -the technological evolution helps- but the information that reaches to the general public is still scarce, with most of it remaining available only to researchers with access to the scientific magazines. Aware that the only and best way to conserve the sea is to know it, understand its functioning, its biodiversity and the threats it suffers, we commit ourselves to telling what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

To complete this objective and promote the interest in science, our Centre organizes scientific conferences, workshops, guided visits and various awareness and outreach activities (open doors, citizen science, beach and seabed cleaning, exhibitions, etc.), all of which are open not only to scientists and professionals from the sea sector but also to schoolchildren, associations or the general public. In addition, our work can be followed on our websites and social networks.

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