Open doors

Every year the Marine Research Center (CIM) of the University of Vigo opens its doors during the “Divulgando Ciencia Singular” days, in order to disseminate the avant-garde marine research that we develop and the importance it has for society. During those days, we show our facilities at the Marine Science Station of Toralla (ECIMAT) –main research infrastructure of the CIM– and our research laboratories, located in the Olimpia Valencia and Experimental Sciences buildings on the Vigo campus, and in the Campus da Auga building located in the Ourense campus.

The open days of this year 2023 took place on 17 and 18 November and consisted of two different activities:

Meet the CIM in the street – Friday, 17 November 2023: the research staff of the different areas of the CIM approached the A Laxe shopping center in Vigo with a series of workshops, games and informative activities to publicize their marine research work. It was between 17:00 and 20:30h on the second floor of the shopping center.

Through different workshops, the researchers of the CIM carried out demonstrations and activities for all audiences related to different topics of marine research such as the knowledge of marine fossils, the properties of nanoparticles used to detect pollutants in seawater, the identification of marine animals by genetic methods, the impact of climate change on fishing in a playful way, among others.


In addition, taking advantage of the proximity of the Nautilus underwater viewer of the Port Authority of Vigo, CIM staff organised guided tours of the installation.


Come on board with the CIM – Saturday, 18 November 2023: 3-hour activity (each shift) that included a boat trip from a Laxe to the ECIMAT, visit to the marine station, guided activities and return to a Laxe.


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