The ocean has a central role in the regulation of the earth´s climate and biogeochemical cycles. Global warmin associated to the increase in concentration of greenhouse gases has caused relevant changes in the circulation of materials and energy in the ocean, apart from an increase in the sea level, which is specially relevant due to the fact that coastal areas host 25% of the world´s population

Ocean observation and global change

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O martes 15 de outubro, Beatriz Mouriño, investigadora do grupo de Oceanografía Biolóxica do CIM-UVigo e profesora contratada doutora no Departamento de Ecoloxía e Bioloxía…

The nature of (palaeo)climate change

Tuesday May 21th, Gianluca Marino, Distinguished Researcher of the Marine and Environmental Geology Research Group (CIM-UVigo) and Honorary Senior Lecturer of The Australian National University,…

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O xoves 25 de abril ás 17:00 horas no Museo Marco de Vigo, celebrarase a III Conversa Sobre o Cambio Climático. A conferencia “Alteracións climáticas…

Climatic variavility and fishery in the Humboldt system. A look to the past from the sedimentary record

Thursday March 21th, Jorge Valdés, Senior Researcher from the University of Antofagasta (Chile), presented at the “Café con Sal” conference cycle the lecture “Climatic variavility…

Reorganization of marine biodiversity under climate change: new challenges and opportunities

Tuesday 26th of February, Professor Jorge Garcia Molinos from the University of Hokkaido (Japan), will present his work on climate change and marine biodiversity to…

Café con Sal IX Edition Opening

Tuesday 22th January the IX edition of the cycle of conferences “Café con Sal” kicks off at 11:00 at the ECIMAT. The inaugural act will…

Bioextremes: nuevas variables climáticas en formato GIS para trabajar en macroecologia y cambio global

O xoves 10 de xaneiro tivo lugar a conferencia “Bioextremes: nuevas variables climáticas en formato GIS para trabajar en macroecologia y cambio global“, impartida por…