The ocean has a central role in the regulation of the earth´s climate and biogeochemical cycles. Global warmin associated to the increase in concentration of greenhouse gases has caused relevant changes in the circulation of materials and energy in the ocean, apart from an increase in the sea level, which is specially relevant due to the fact that coastal areas host 25% of the world´s population

Ocean observation and global change

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Contrato de apoio á investigación no grupo de Oceanografía Biolóxica do CIM-UVigo (GOB)

O grupo de investigación de Oceanografía Biolóxica (GOB) do Centro de Investigación Mariña da Universidade de Vigo (CIM-UVigo), oferta un contrato de apoio á investigación…

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Marine and Environmental Geology
Environmental Physics Lab
Future Oceans Lab
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Geological Oceanography and Biogeochemistry
The role of phytoplankton in climate change: How much does our fate depend on these microorganisms?

On June 23rd at 18 h continues the participation of the Marine Research Centre in the project ‘Month of the medium and Oceans’, organized by…

“As we continue to pollute estuaries, we will end up with more pathogens than we already have”

“Imagine that you are swimming in the sea. Think of all the diversity that surrounds you: seaweed, sea plants, fish, crabs, seagulls, mussels … In…

Size matters, at least speaking about phytoplankton

Thursday December 15th, Cristina Fernández, predoctoral researcher of the Biological Oceanography research group of the CIM-UVigo, will present the lecture Size matters, at least speaking about…

How will climate change affect living organisms in the Rías Baixas?

Thursday March 5th, Marisela Des Villanueva, predoctoral researcher of the EPhysLab (Environmental Physics Laboratory, CIM-UVigo), will present the lecture How will climate change affect living…

Singular oceanographic infrastructures at ECIMAT: mesocosms and HF Radar

Tuesday February 18th, Dr Jose González, responsible of the Oceanography service of the ECIMAT (CIM-UVigo), will present the lecture Singular oceanographic infrastructures at ECIMAT: mesocosms…

Impacts of climate change on tropical tunas, how can we adapt an international fishery?

Tuesday November 26th, the last session of the IX edition of the “Café con sal” conference cycle will be hold at the ECIMAT. Iratxe Rubio,…