Sea cucumber, the great unknown. What is its role in the oceans?

On June 30th, at 18 h the participation of the Marine Research Centre continues in the project ‘Month of the Environment and Oceans’, organized by Afundación, ABANCA social work, on the occasion of the celebration of Environment Day, 5th June, and Ocean Day, June 8th.

The last intervention before summer will be carried out by Tania Ballesteros Otero, researcher of the Coastal Ecology Group, who will talk the characteristics of the sea cucumber and its role in the oceans.

During the conference Tania will make an initial presentation of these marine animals giving a general overview of their external characteristics, their superpowers and their main curiosities. Once deep into the amazing world of sea cucumbers, the speaker will emphasize its importance for the oceans and the problems that surround them. Finally, she will show the way in which ECIMAT and the CIM-UVigo Coastal Ecology group are contributing their grain of sand to mitigate their problems.

The talk will be broadcast through #AfundacionEnCasa and Campus do Mar channels.

After the summer, this initiative will be resumed with another three conferences.