Effects of plastic additives on marine fish, a proteomic approach

Tuesday 15th of September at 11:00h, Alexandre Martinez Schönemann, predoctoral researcher on the EcoTox Marine Ecotoxicology and Pollution Research Group (Ecocost Group, CIM-UVigo), presented the conference Effects of plastic additives on marine fish, a proteomic approach.

The uses of plastic have a great variability, as well as the different combinations of additives that can be added to it. Greater flexibility, color or heat and fire tolerance are proprieties that can be achieved adding substances that, besides producing the desired effect, sometimes could have detrimental effects for living beings. The race between the appearance of new additives and the scientific proof that their potential impact is accelerating and it is increasingly necessary to work with new tools such as proteomics to verify these effects.

This conference talked about the efforts dedicated to describe the effects of certain additives using proteomics. A common effect has been searched, endocrine disruption, in a species of marine fish Cyprinodon variegatus, newly in Europe. The work presented by Alexandre is part of his PhD, supervised by Ricardo Beiras and Angel P. Diz, in the PhD program DO*MAR and financed by the Xunta de Galicia.

Given the situation caused by COVID-19 and following the instructions of the competent authorities, the conference was hold virtually.

The report is available on the next links.