Café con Sal IX Edition Opening

Tuesday 22th January the IX edition of the cycle of conferences “Café con Sal” kicks off at 11:00 at the ECIMAT. The inaugural act will count on two conferences: “Where do your data fit in the European marine data landscape?” given by Belén Martín, Dr. in Oceanography by the University of Vigo and senior project officer of the Centro Tecnolóxico do Mar (CETMAR), and “Ascidians under Ocean Warming and Acidification“, given by Tiago Repolho, Postdoctoral Researcher of the Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre (Universidade de Lisboa).

In the first lecture, Belén Martín, expert in marine observational networks, will present an overview on the European Marine Data Landscape, from a global to a regional perspective, zooming on some of the most important related-initiatives in place (e.g. EuroGOOS, SeaDataNet, EMODnet) and ending in the cross-border RAIA oceanographic observatory. With this talk, Belén will try to show us the way in the hotchpotch of projects, funding programs, observational infrastructures, marine databases and networks and stress the importance of a change of attitude towards research data: from the “Data belong to scientists and serve to make publications” to “Data belong to society and can have multiple purposes”.

After a coffee break, the conference of Tiago Repolho will take place. During his lecture, Tiago Repolho, whose research focus on biological responses of marine species under a multidriver/multistressor environment, will explain the effects of ocean warming (OW) and ocean acidification (AO) over marine biota under an interactive (synergistic, cumulative or antagonistic) context. With the collaboration of several reasearchers from the University of Lisbon (Portugal), the University of Gothenburg and The Uppsala University (Sweden), Tiago aims to provide an integrative insight in order to unravel and understand species evolutionary potential (using the ascidian Ciona intestinalis as biological model) under OW and OA. This conference is framed under the project “ASCEND”, funded by ASSEMBLE PLUS.​

These conferences will take place at the conference room of the ECIMAT at 11:00h and 11:40h (CEST) and will be live streamed on and permanently available on CIM and UVigoTV websites.