The CIM is strongly committed to gender equality and sustainability that was recognised with the UVigo Equality Distinction in 2022. Its Equality and Sustainability Committee, created in 2021, is mainly composed of women with diverse technical and research backgrounds. It is responsible for implementing activities of UVigo’s III Equality Plan and for integrating equality, gender, and diversity aspects in policies and activities of the CIM, aligning itself with UVigo’s HRS4R Model.

In recent years, the CIM has organised training courses on equality and diversity, created a lactation room, held co-creation events on gender, organised the Marie Tharp Award for female researchers and promoted campaigns on social networks on gender and sustainability. In addition, the CIM has an email account available for queries or suggestions: igualdade.cim@uvigo.gal and has an Action Plan on Equality, Diversity and Sustainability that is constantly updated.

More information about Equality at UVigo.