ECIMAT counts with a team of technicians specialized in the development of support services for marine research. The vocation of service, flexibility and continuous improvement are the hallmarks of our team. Below are the ECIMAT units and the people who compose them.


José Manuel García
Director of ECIMAT

Environmental quality unit

Rosana Rodríguez
Histological processing technician
Tania Tato
Environmental quality unit responsible

Access to coastal ecosystem unit

Enrique Poza
Access to coastal ecosystem unit responsible
Roberto Gómez
Access to coastal ecosystem unit technician

Oceanography unit

Antonio Fuentes
Oceanography technician
José González
Oceanography unit responsible
Miguel Otero
Oceanography technician
Paulo Alcaraz
Support technician

Marine culture unit

Arantxa Martínez
Marine culture technician
Damián Costas
Marine culture unit responsible

Support unit

Rosa Farto
RRI technician
Elisa Gándara
Ricardo Pazó
Alberto Álvarez
Duty technician