ECIMAT has technical staff specialized in oceanography and oceanographic equipment for continuous observation and for conducting studies in the marine environment.

For continuous observation the ECIMAT has a High Frequency Radar (HF-Radar) for the measure of superficial currents in realtime and a oceano-meteorological station that get and supply real time data.

For conducting studies in the marine environment we count with different oceanographic equipment: CTD, side scan sonar, mantatrawl, etc.

Additionally, we have well-equipped mesocosms facilities, which include floating platforms for in situ studies as well as land-based facilities, with benthic and pelagic tanks. All these facilities allow the experimentation with large seawater volumes in close-to-natural conditions. A 40m2 isotherm chamber is also available for mesocosms research in controlled temperature conditions, as well as microcosms tanks and a laboratory in the mescosmos area.

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To apply for any other oceanographic service or to ask any question about this service contact Jose González.