More than 500 students participated in the Day of Women and Girls in Science

Scientists  from the Marine Research Centre of the University of Vigo joined this week in the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Eight researchers came to the teaching centers, where more than 500 male and female students participated in experiments, talks and interactive activities adapted to the virtual format. All the activities were framed in the February 11 initiative, which is organized at the national level, on the occasion of this date. The students’ interest was resounding, and the scientific women are not weirdo, but normal people. The intense debates held, allowed students to resolve doubts about topics as diverse as: the visibility of women in science, the importance of science in the advancement of society and in the resolution or adaptation of the threats that we suffer today (pandemic, climate change, etc.) or the beginning of life in the ocean.

Talks and virtual experiments about algae, cryobiology, genetic and plankton

The activities began on the 10th at CEIP A Rúa de Cangas, where Marina Gómez (Coastal Ecology, CIM), presented a story and a talk to students from 1st to 4th grade where she explained the scientific method and give a virtual workshop of macroalgae identification. On the other hand, the researchers from the cryobiology team of the Coastal Ecology Group (EcoCost, CIM) Estefanía Paredes, Estefanía Pereira and Sara Campos, presented their work to the Atlántida Plurilingual School thanks to a video and a virtual debate where the researchers answered the multiple questions that the students from 1st grade to 4th year of ESO had prepared. On the 11th, the researcher from the Population Genetics and Cytogenetics group (CIM) Paloma Morán participated in the workshop Choose your epigenome, presented to a group of students from IES Val Miñor from Nigrán within the initiative Elas fan CienTec. On 11th, the last activity was carried out by Cecilia Costas and Esperanza Broullón (Biological Oceanography, CIM) who presented their work and professional career to primary schools students from CEIP Plurilingual A Pedra from Bueu. They sent to the centre drawings of cut-out scientists with which the students will work in the coming days.

Equality and science at UVigo and CIM

This Friday 12th, the students of 1st and 2nd year of ESO from CPR Alborada and IES del Castro who approached the CIM. The objective was to raise awareness and sensitize among high school students about gender issues, given special attention to the field of marine research, in order to make visible and value the work of women scientists in general, and the CIM-UVigo in particular. The organized day consisted of a videoconference of the Faraxa Association, in which the students were able to reflect on the need for F 11th. A talk, of the researcher, Ana Berbabeu, director of the Research area of ​​the University of Vigo, focused her intervention on the effort that the University of Vigo is making in the field of equality and also shared her personal experience as a researcher in the field of marine geology, and a virtual visit to the CIM facilities, where they knew researchers as Elena Ojea, Cristina Sobrino or Estefanía Paredes. These activities will be repeated the next 23rd, this time with students of the CPR Tirso de Molina.