Mussels more resistant to climate change

Martina Miser. Faro de Vigo

The 3,373 floating hatcheries or rafts registered in Galicia generate about 11 million euros per year. At the moment, the mussel seed is collected on rocks on the coastline or on collector ropes hung from the rafts, as it is enough to cover the demand. However, the progressive increase in the temperature of the ocean, as well as its acidification, may threaten the production of Mytilus galoprovincialis in the Galician estuaries.

Anfaco- Cecopesca, the National Association of Fish Manufacturers and its technological research center works in collaboration with Toralla Marine Science Station (ECIMAT, CIM-UVigo) in the Musselect project, which seeks low-cost and scalable methods for seed production with improved yield and survival characteristics.

All the information about the project in La Voz de Galicia and in the Anfaco-Cecopesca blog.